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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
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719 Bush Street; Toledo, OH 43604
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Powdered, Heavy-Duty Hand Soap

For all hand cleaning where moderate to heavy soil must be removed. Recommended for all industrial and automotive uses. Removes oils, greases, most inks, and many other types of industrial soils, yet leaves the hands feeling soft and smooth.

Contains blended vegetable oil soaps which provide effective cleaning and high foam even in cool water. The scrubbing agent is completely soluble in water - - it will not cause plugged drains.

This formulation has proved to be highly effective in the control of industrial dermatitis. Its effectiveness is due to excellent cleaning action combined with skin-emollient properties which are achieved by incorporating lanolin with special emulsifiers and carriers.

To Use

Wipe off heavy soil. Wet hands. Apply about one teaspoonful of soap and scrub thoroughly. If needed, add a little water to form a paste and massage the paste into imbedded dirt. Rinse. Repeat application until a high foam appears - - high foam indicates the complete removal of oily soil. Rinse and dry thoroughly.