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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
Manufacturing Chemists

719 Bush Street; Toledo, OH 43604
1-800-876-SOAP(7627) ;

Parts Detergents, Rust Inhibitors, Rust & Scale Removers-Metal Brighteners, Paint and Carbon Removers

Bulk Transport Tank and Tote Tank Cleaners

Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing Compounds

Ink and Coatings Cleaners

Car and Truck Wash Products

Janitorial Products

Laundry Products

Miscellaneous Chemical Products

Cardinal Chemical Corporation is a manufacturer of detergents and specialty products for industrial and institutional users. The primary markets include:
  • parts detergents and rust inhibitors
  • bulk transport cleaners
  • steam cleaning and pressure washing compounds
  • ink and coatings cleaners
  • car and truck wash products
  • janitorial products
  • laundry products
  • miscellaneous chemical products

Cardinal Chemical Corporation maintains a low-key, no-nonsense approach to advertising, sales, and packaging. The technical support includes access to a field experienced chemist and product data providing complete practical information.

Cardinal Chemical Corporation utilizes over 46 years of product evolution to provide only the finest possible formulations. Cardinal maintains a flexible, service-oriented job shop that manufactures and ships most orders within one business day. The emphasis is on quality concentrates at competitive pricing in 5-, 30-, and 55-gallon containers.