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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
Manufacturing Chemists

719 Bush Street; Toledo, OH 43604


Parts detergents, Rust Inhibitors, Rust & Scale Removers-Metal Brighteners, Paint and Carbon Removers

Bulk Transport Tank and Tote Tank Cleaners

Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing Compounds

Car and Truck Wash Products

Janitorial Products

Laundry Products

Miscellaneous Chemical Products


Industrial floor soap and heavy duty cleaner/degreaser. Very popular in ink manufacturing facilities.

For pre-spraying or shop cleaning of oil-based inks, including inks with high drier content. Solvent based. Combustible. Flash point 110F.

Cardisolv #4251
Glaze remover and pre-solv for UV inks. Use wetted shop towel to remove glazed ink from rubber printing rollers and wipe dry. Use to pre-spray accumulations of UV ink and clean with UV Soap (below).

Ink-Away #254
A relatively mild water-based cleaner for most water-based inks, including glazed inks. More effective than more hazardous products. Low foam. Use hot or cold. Performance is usually enhanced by elevated temperatures. Safe for all metals. pH of concentrate is 10.0.

Ink-Away #256
Water-based cleaner for recirculating spray washers, mechanical washers, automatic floor scrubbing, and manual cleaning. Our most effective product for all types of inks and coatings. Has low, unstable foam at all temperatures. Works best over 120F.

Ink-Away #258
Similar to Ink-Away #256 (above) but especially formulated for high pressure spray washing systems that are prone to excessive foam. Very low foam at all temperatures.

Ink-Away #288
Same use as Ink-Away #256 with added advantages. Safe on aluminum pans and other non-ferrous metals. Less irritating to human tissue. Has pH of 12.3 (not EPA hazardous) at 7.5% concentration.

Lube #4000
Lubricating soap for use in corrugated box plants. Spray will not irritate sensitive human tissues. All ingredients are FDA cleared for use in the manufacture of paper-board or as components of the food contact surface of paperboard.

Neutral pH and Neutral pH LF Ink Cleaners
Non-corrosive concentrate for flexo printer-slotters, and conventional printer-slotters using water-based inks. Contains rust inhibitor for unrinsed protection from corrosion. LF formula provides the same protection with no detergent foam.

Printers’ WB Ink Cleaner
Standard water-based ink cleaner concentrate. Very effective on all commercial flexo inks.

Printers NC Ink Cleaner
Water-based ink cleaner concentrate. Non-corrosive to aluminum and all other metals.

Printers RSE Ink Cleaner
Mild solvent-based cleaner for oil or solvent-based inks. Provides excellent emulsion with water rinse.

Syndet #6811
Water based pre-soak or spray cleaner for ball point pen and many other inks and industrial soils.

UV Soap
Use a 3% to full strength concentration to easily clean UV ink build up. Must be used with a liberal pre-spray of Cardisolv #4251 (above). Mild water-based detergent.

Powdered hand soap. Non-abrasive. Will not clog drains. Very popular in ink manufacturing facilities and laboratories.

X-100 Concentrate
One drum makes five drums Printers’ WB formula. In two layers, entire contents must be used at one time. For long distance customers with 275-gallon mixing tanks.