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Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning Liquid

Recommended for the removal of all common industrial soils and heavy oils. Use in any type of pressure washing or steam cleaning equipment. The liquid form of Steamterj makes it easier, safer, and more efficient to use than powder compounds - a liquid can be fed through a closed system directly from the shipping drum to the cleaning operation: it can be automatically metered to deliver a consistently accurate dilution: it eliminates the hazardous mixing of alkaline powders with water.

Use any solution on iron, steel, copper, brass, bronze, and other hard metals. Minimum Discharge Solution (1:200 water) is recommended for safety on aluminum, magnesium and other soft metals: on such metals do not exceed 1:120 water. Use any solution on masonry surfaces: concrete, brick, stone, marble, terrazzo, etc. Use any solution on wood block floors, blacktop, glass, ceramics, plastics, rubber. Use average Discharge Solution (1:120 water) or less on painted surfaces to avoid gloss reduction. If surface is to be repainted, see Special Applications on reverse.

Recommended Discharge Solutions
Minimum Discharge Solution: 1:200 water
Average Discharge Solution: 1:120 water
Maximum Discharge Solution: 1:20 water
Baked Chinese Oil Solution: 1:4 water

Minimum Discharge Solution is recommended for routine cleaning of moderately soiled surfaces such as truck exteriors or industrial machinery that is cleaned regularly.

Average Discharge Solution is adequate for most parts, machinery, masonry, and floors.

Maximum Discharge Solution is required for severe soil conditions such as greasy engines, machinery, sumps or tanks: for very dirty floors, for whitewall tires.

To assure correct usage, user should determine the operating characteristics of his machine and should know the following terms:

Feed Solutions………. The mixture of Super Steamterj and water supplied to the machine.

Discharge Solution… Actual cleaning solution: mixture of Feed Solution and more water.

Most pressure washers and steam cleaners draw Feed Solution from a solution tank and automatically dilute the Feed Solution with more water before discharge. Machines vary, but a common dilution ratio is 1:9 water.

For any desired Discharge Solution, determine the dilution ratio of the machine and mix the Feed Solution proportionately more concentrated. Example….

if a 1:60 Discharge Solution is desired
simplify calculations by considering 1:60 water as equivalent to a 1:60 solution:
actually, an exact 1:60 solution = 1:59 water.

and if the dilution ratio of the machine is 1:9 water
which means that the machine mixes each gallon of Feed Solution with 9 gallons
water to provide 10 gallons of Discharge Solution.

Then the Feed Solution must be 10 times the desired Discharge Solution or 10x1:60 solution=10:60 solution=1:6 solution=1 Steamterj: 5 water. So for 6 gallons Feed Solution: Use 1 gallon Super Steamterj and 5 gallons water.

Normal usage is about 2 gallons Super Steamterj per hour. Usage can be calculated as example:

If using an Average Discharge Solution in a machine with a 1:9 dilution ratio……

One gallon of Steamterj makes 12 gallons Feed Solution which delivers 120 gallons of Discharge Solution -- enough for 60 minutes operation at a discharge rate of 2 gal per Minute; equivalent to 1 gallon Super Steamterj per hour.

Special Applications

If surface is so dirty that too much time is required to clean by normal methods, prespray with full-strength Super Steamterj, let soak about 5 minutes until dirt is loosened, then pressure wash or steam clean. This method is not suitable for aluminum, magnesium, other soft metals.

If dirt is alkali-resistant, such as some asphalts and resins, some lubricants, or fifth wheels, it is more efficient to pre-spray with a solvent degreaser, let soak, then pressure wash or steam clean with Super Steamterj. Suitable solvent degreasers are Cardisolv #CKE, or #RTU, or #RSE.

When a high gloss painted surface is to be cleaned and re-painted, use Super Steamterj to Improve paint adhesion by: Clean first. Then spray with Super Steamterj at 1:20 water and let soak about 5 minutes. Rinse, let dry, re-paint.

If a thin, hazy film remains on the surface after normal washing, use the ACID-ALKALI SEQUENCE of application: At low pressure, flood the surface with Alumitone at 1:20 water, do not rinse. At low pressure, flood the surface with SUPER STEAMTERJ at about 1:40 water. Then pressure wash or steam clean at maximum pressure.

CAUTION: To prevent etching of glass, do not use Alumitone at concentration over 1:20 water and neutralize Alumitone solution by applying SUPER STEAMTERJ solution within 5 minutes.


Clear, amber liquid. Non-Flammable. Biodegradable. Odorless. Foams enough to show the area cleaned. Rinse fast. Viscosity low enough to permit drawing up to 12 ounces per gallon into an automatic-feed system through a venture-injector or similar suction device.

Use Precautions
Alkaline liquid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case
of contact flush with water. For eyes, get medical attention.