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Heavy Duty Liquid Cleaner - Industrial Degreaser

Cleaner, degreaser and wax remover. A detergent-solvent blend recommended for cleaning and degreasing heavily-soiled surfaces.

In many applications, Spraysolv can replace flammable petroleum solvents or toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons. The water solubility of Spraysolv is frequently an additional advantage - it can be diluted with water to suit the job and the dissolved soil can be easily rinsed away with water. When used in re-conditioning machinery, Spraysolv leaves a film-free surface, ideal for re-painting.

Typical Uses

Oil Filters
Light Fixtures
Enameled Steel
Wash Basins
Motor Shells
Printing Presses
Bare Metals
Similar Surfaces
Air Filters

Dilute in water to suit the job; the concentration required depends on the quantity and type of soil, temperature of the cleaning solution, soak time allowed, and degree of agitation. Trial will indicate the most efficient concentration for each job.

In general, use 1 to 3 ounces per gallon for moderately soiled hard surfaces such as metal, enameled steel or fluorescent fixtures; use 6 to 24 ounces per gallon for most heavy-duty cleaning; use full strength if necessary to clean greasy machinery, floors or filters.

Several common applications and suggested dilutions are……….
Machinery Cleaning…From 1 quart per gallon to full strength. Spray-on or brush-on. Let soak 5-10 minutes. Scrub if needed. Rinse with water; use pressure rinse if available.
Routine Floor Cleaning…1 to 4 ounces per gallon. Damp mop or wet mop or use with Floor Machine or AutoScrubber.
Cleaning Dirty Floors…4 to 10 ounces per gallon with Floor Machine or AutoScrubber
Wax Removal…4 to 10 ounces per gallon with Floor Machine or AutoScrubber
Whitewall Tires…Normally, 1 quart per gallon. Spray-on or brush-on. Scrub with wire brush to remove curb scuffs. Rinse. Spraysolv may be used full strength for faster action without harming tires or wheels (including aluminum and magnesium wheels).
Paint Removal…Use full strength. Immerse and hold temperature at 180-200ºF for 10 minutes. Pressure rinse.

In cleaning electrical equipment, do not use on armatures, field coils or other current-carrying components. Make trial application before using strong solutions on painted surfaces as it may remove some water-base paints.

Spraysolv is similar to Pentasolv (see following) but Spraysolv is more alkaline. For uses which require immersion of hands, rubber gloves should be worn.

Purple color. Mild odor. Non-flammable. Biodegradable. Low viscosity permits spray application at full strength or any dilution.