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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
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Concentrated Defoamer

Eliminates foam in alkaline, acid, or neutral solutions. Recommended for aqueous systems containing detergents, dyes, adhesives, rubber, latex, acrylics, etc. Use in cleaning processes, paint and paper manufacturing, water treatment. For use on growing crops, comply with EPA regulation #180.1001.

Composition Properties DOT Class Precautions

Physical stateliquidFreeze point32F/zero C
Appearance, coloropaque, whiteFreeze-thaw recoverycomplete
pH6.8Solubility in waterdilute
OdornegligibleSolubility in hydrocarbonsnegligible
Specific gravity1.00Fire hazardnoncombustible
Viscosity @ 68F/20C2000cpDOT-hazard labelnone

a stable water-emulsion of methyl polysiloxane

Under normal use conditions, no physiological effects are known due to skin contact or inhalation of sprayed droplets. Not FDA-approved for use in food processing.

Quantity Required -- Method of Use

Quantity required for specific applications varies greatly; the range is from about 1 to 200 parts per million parts of foaming solution.
Normal Rangefrom 1 ppmto 200 ppm
Equivalent to1 oz:8000gal1 oz:40 gal

Normally, try at 1 oz:100 gallons of foaming solution; increase or decrease as needed.

Full-strength Defoam #100 may be added directly to foaming solution.

But for quicker dispersion in the solution, premix Defoam #100 with 10 parts water and add mixture to the foaming solution. Mixture may be added by pouring into the liquid or by spraying on the foam; spraying caused foam to disappear on contact. Premixed solutions must be shaken or stirred before use if allowed to stand over one hour.