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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
Manufacturing Chemists

719 Bush Street; Toledo, OH 43604
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Parts Detergents, Rust Inhibitors, Rust & Scale Removers-Metal Brighteners, Paint and Carbon Removers

Bulk Transport Tank and Tote Tank Cleaners

Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing Compounds

Ink and Coatings Cleaners

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Liquid Detergent
Cars - Trucks - Busses - Planes - Similar Surfaces

A high-foaming detergent which dissolves instantly in cold or hot water and has excellent wetting and oil-dispersing properties.

It quickly penetrates road film, salt deposits and general soil; it rinses off completely with cold water, leaving a film-free surface.

Prevents the development of malodors in recirculation systems even under unfavorable temperature conditions.

The recommended use dilutions may be increased without harming wax or paint.

Power-Brush Washers

Crystal is ideal for use in public car washes because it provides the high foam expected by customers. Recommended dilutions are:
in recirculation systems1 : 256 water (1/2 oz per gallon).
in fresh water systems1 : 512 water (1/4 oz per gallon).

In recirculation systems, maintain a concentration of 1 : 256 water by adding Crystal at the same rate to any added water.

Spray Washing - Pressure Washing - Steam Cleaning

Crystal is recommended for light to moderate soil conditions as are normal for equipment washed regularly. Discharged solution should contain about 1% Crystal for routine washing; increase concentration as needed for soil conditions, low temperature, or low pressure. For heavy soil conditions, see Pentaterj, Steamterj, or Cardiblast.

Manual Washing

For average conditions, use 1/4 ounce Crystal per gallon of water, equivalent to one ounce per 4 gallons. For highest foam, place Crystal in container first and then add water at maximum tap pressure.

Wet the area to be cleaned by hosing with water. Apply detergent solution to wet area and wash with brush, mitt, or wash mop. Rinse clean with water.

Crystal is non-irritating to normal skin; hands may be immersed in solutions.

Properties & Use Precautions

Clear, blue liquid. Mild pleasant odor. Nonflammable. Biodegradable. Produces high, persistent foam. Viscosity reduced to about 10 centipoises to permit consistently accurate dilutions of 0.25 oz to 10 oz per gallon when metered into an automatic feed system through a venturi-injector or similar suction device.

Harmless to normal skin. Avoid contact with eyes. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN,