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Air-Dry Solvent & PreSolv Solvent

Removes grease, oil, paint, carbon and carbon-like deposits on parts commonly called “varnish”. Removes many resins, latexes and similar substances which are components of or intermediates for paints, inks and plastics.

Typical uses: Paint removal, cleaning carburetors and transmissions, dissolving or softening contents of tanks before washing.

Use at room temperature; do not heat. Harmless to all metals, wood, and masonry-like materials. If rubber or neoprene parts and non-metallic gaskets are to be re-used, they must not be immersed. DO NOT immerse electric motors or wired components; Cardisolv #DP3 may remove insulation. Trial is recommended before immersion of any plastic or textile or any object of unknown composition.

To Use As Air-Dry Solvent

Parts must be completely immersed in solvent and a floating water seal about 3” deep must be on top of the solvent to prevent evaporation.

Fill a suitable container to required depth with Cardisolv #DP3 and add enough water; water will always float to top. Immerse parts and let soak until clean. Most oils & greases are removed in less than 5 minutes, most paints are removed in less than 15 minutes, carbon or “varnish” deposits usually require over 2 hours.

Withdraw and remove loose particles by brushing, wiping, pressure washing or rinsing. To Use As PreSolv Solvent A PreSolv solvent is used to pre-dissolve or pre-soften a detergent-resistant substance before washing with detergent.

For pre-solving interiors of tanks, pour Cardisolv #DP3 into tank, close all ports so that tank is air-tight and let stand, overnight if necessary. Cardisolv #DP3 vaporizes inside the tank; the vapors dissolve or soften the contents. The quantity required is usually about 10 gallons Cardisolv #DP3 per 5000-gallon tank. TANK MUST BE DRY when Cardisolv #DP3 is added; water in the tank will float to top and prevent evaporation. For small parts, the immersion method above is recommended.

Composition – Properties – DOT Class – Precautions
Contains chlorinated hydrocarbon and glycol ether.

State @ 70°FliquidViscosity @ 70°F0.44cp
Appearance @ 70°Fclear, blueEvaporation Rate, water = 111.2
OdorpronouncedThreshold Limit Value500ppm
Specific Gravity1.33Solubility in water1% vol
Flash PointnoneSolubility in hydrocarbonsmiscible
Boil Point104°FDOT-Hazard Labelnone
Freeze Point-142°FMCAClass nonflammable

Avoid prolonged breathing of vapor. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, flush with water; eyes for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention. Do not take internally. For industrial use only; keep out of reach of children. See data page “Solvent Safety & Properties”.