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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
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719 Bush Street; Toledo, OH 43604
1-800-876-SOAP(7627) ;


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Booster Solvent

Add Cardisolv #CRA to detergent solutions to remove substances that are difficult or impossible to remove with detergent solutions alone. It helps remove many detergent-resistant substances such as resins, asphalts, paints, plastics intermediates, and other organic substances.

Add to solutions of alkaline detergents such as Metalterj #222 or Metalterj #286; it is harmless to metals.

Quantity Required

From 1% to 20% of the volume of the cleaning solution.

The most cost-effective quantity of Cardisolv #CRA depends on the quantity and the properties of the substance to be removed, on other components of the cleaning solution, on porosity of the surface, temperature, soak time, and the degree of agitation applied by the cleaning method.

Initial trial at 10% volume is recommended; increase or decrease to find the most cost-effective concentration.
Properties DOT Class Precautions
State @ 70Fliquid Freeze Point12F
Appearance @ 70Fclear, amber Freeze-Thaw Recoverycomplete
Odor cresolSolubility In Waterdispersible
Specific Gravity 1.085Solubility In Hydrocarbonsnegligible
pH, as is 11.5Fire Hazardnoncombustible

Viscosity as water DOT-Hazard Label corrosive

DANGER! POISON! Contains methanol, cresylic acids, sodium cresylate, dipropyleneglycol methylether. May be fatal or cause blindness if swallowed. Vapor harmful. Causes immediate damage when it contacts the body. For eye contact, start washing with water in less than 10 seconds to prevent permanent injury. For skin contact, start washing with water immediately to prevent slow-healing skin injury. For industrial use only. Keep out of reach of children.