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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
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719 Bush Street; Toledo, OH 43604
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Rinse Additive for Pickled Steel

Promotes free rinsing and rapid drying. Prevents spots, stains and discoloration.

Inject into rinse water used after acid pickling. If multi-stage cascade rinsing is used, inject into next-to-last rinse stage. Since Cardite #4PR is a low-viscosity liquid, the feed rate can be accurately controlled by feeding into the rinse water through a metering pump or a venture injector. At usage levels, foam is not problem.

Recommended Use Dilution

0.5% solution
Equivalent to 0.64 oz/gal water = 1:199 water

Example: If rinse water inflow is 10 gallons per minute = 600 gallons per hour, inject Cardite #4PR at any of the following equivalent rates:

at3 gallons per hour,
or384 fluid ounces per hour,
or6.4 fluid ounces per minute,
or189 milliliters per minute.
Properties Hazard Classes Precautions
Physical formliquid
Appearanceclear, pale amber
Specific Gravity1.095
pH undiluted4
Foam, 0.5% solution, agitated15 mm maximum
Flash Pointnone
Freeze Point28F
Viscosity @ 65Flow, 2 cp
Evaporation Rate (water = 1)0.96
Solubility in waterinfinite
Solubility in common petroleum distillateszero
Manufacturing Chemists Association classnonflammable
DOT hazard label requirednone

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children. No unusual hazard is known. Mildly acidic as shipped.