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Asphalt Tile Seal & Finish

A solvent-resin seal for use on asphalt tile that is badly worn or porous, and on tile that is subject to abnormally oily traffic. It restores the color and is highly resistant to oil, water, detergents, and beverages.

Asphalt Seal #300 is required only for very bad conditions – most maintenance problems with asphalt tile floors can be solved by using PRIME, a water-acrylic seal which can be applied with a mop and eliminates the problems of odor, flammability and vapor inhalation.

Asphalt Seal #300 is normally used as a sealer to provide a base coat for water-emulsion finishes but it is also recommended as a finish coat for floors subject to unusually oily or abrasive traffic.


Very light in color, it will not affect floor colors. Slip resistant. If used as a finish coat, heavy traffic areas can be re-coated when worn without re-coating the entire floor. Re-coated areas, when dry and buffed, will blend uniformly with the rest of the floor.

Asphalt Seal #300 is ready for use as received; no mixing is needed; do not add thinner. Combustible; provide the same ventilation as is required for solvent-system paints.
CoverageDrying Time
First Coat…300-500 sq. ft. per gal.Dry to Touch…30 minutes
Between Coats…1 hour
Other Coats…400-600 sq. ft. per gal.Before Traffic…2 hours

To Use As Sealer

Floor must be thoroughly clean and dry. A properly cleaned floor has a flat, non-glossy appearance when dry and will not show gloss when hand-buffed with a dry rag.

Apply sealer with wool applier or paint brush. Apply sufficient coats to provide a uniform gloss. Let dry between coats. One or two coats are usually needed. When dry, apply a water-emulsion finish or wax. Maintain by the usual methods, re-coating as needed with a water-emulsion finish or wax. Normal scrubbing will not harm the seal; it will last indefinitely if protected from abrasion by water-emulsion coats.

To Use As Finish

Prepare the floor and apply the same as for sealing; but after a uniform gloss is secured, add one more coat for increased durability and gloss.

For subsequent maintenance, clean well; re-coat only the worn spots with Asphalt Seal #300, let dry and buff with a fine floor pad to secure a uniform gloss.