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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
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for Steam Cleaning Carpets

For use in all 'steam-method' carpet cleaning machines. Provides the instant dirt-emulsifying action needed for cleaning by such injection-extraction methods.

Low foam at recommended use temperatures - will not interfere with pick up. Completely water soluble, leaves no residue, brightens all fabrics by increasing light reflection.

Use on all carpets: cotton, wool, nylon, acrilan, other synthetics.

Use Dilutions

For Light Soil.………………Use 0.5 ounces per gallon water.
For Moderate Soil.…………Use 1.0 ounces per gallon water.
For Heavy Soil……………Use 1.5 ounces per gallon water.

For low foam use water over 100°F.
To protect wool fibers do not use water over 100°F.

To Use

Clear area as much as practical by removing furniture. Vacuum carpet. Remove grease spots and stains. For best results at doorways and other heavy-traffic areas, pre-spray and let stand about 5 minutes before cleaning. Pre-spray with a solution of 1.5 ounces Dynaclean per gallon water.

Steam clean, always overlapping the previously cleaned area to avoid streaks.

If furniture must be replaced before carpet is completely dry, prevent stains by using plastic, aluminum foil, butter chips or similar water-proof material under the legs.


White, free-flowing powder. Odorless. Non-Flammable. Biodegradable.