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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
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For Washing and Removing Concrete From Transit-Mix Trucks and Equipment.

Use for routine washing of concrete-hauling trucks and allied equipment. Quickly removes general soil and fresh concrete.

Recommended Average Use Dilution: 1:20 water (6 oz per gallon).
Recommended Maximum Use Dilution: 1:10 water (13 oz per gallon).

Maximum use dilution recommended for very heavy or unusually dry concrete.

To Use

Dilute with water as recommended above. Apply solution with brush, wash mop or low pressure sprayer. Scrub heavily-soiled areas with brush. Rinse with water at maximum pressure.

If used in a pressure washer, make certain that the concentration of Rig Wash in the solution tank is increased by the dilution ratio of the machine so that the correct use dilution will be delivered at discharge. Example: If the pressure washer dilutes the solution-tank mixture with 9 parts water, the concentration of Rig Wash in the solution tank must be 10 times the use dilution desired at discharge.


Clear, red liquid. Distinct acidic odor. Non-Flammable. Biodegradable. Low viscosity assures consistently accurate dilutions when drawn into an automatic feed system through a venture or other suction device.

Use Precaution

Acidic liquid. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact flush with water; for eyes, get medical attention. Contains hydrochloric acid. User should wear gloves and goggles as minimum protection. For Industrial Use Only - Keep Out of Reach of Children