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Pressure Washing & Steam Cleaning Powder

For use in any type of pressure-discharge equipment. Use hot or cold; more effective hot.

Powerterj is a blend of modified alkali, wetting agent, emulsifier and corrosion inhibitor which provides effective cleaning without harming sensitive metals.

Produces moderate foam - foams enough to show the area cleaned.

Use at any concentration on painted surfaces, all bare metals, plastics, rubber, glass, masonry, ceramics, textiles, coated fabrics, etc.. “Bare metals” includes aluminum, magnesium and soft metal alloys; examples are: aluminum radiators and heat exchangers, aluminum fan blades, magnesium ladders, white metal extrusions.

Typical Uses

CarsWallsTrash CartsParts in ProcessWindows
TrucksFloorsAir DuctsGrocery CartsSkylites
PlanesRampsRadiatorsDisplay CasesCages
BoatsWashroomsExchangersStorage BinsBarns
TractorsKitchensMachineryStorage CansTarps
Fork liftsDocksSumpsHand TrucksAwnings
LawnmowersTanksBilgesMobile HomesLights

Recommended Discharge Solutions

Minimum Discharge Solution: 1:200 water (0.6 oz per gallon).

Average Discharge Solution: 1:100 water (1.3 oz per gallon).

Maximum Discharge Solution: 1:40 water (3.3 oz per gallon).

Minimum Discharge Solution is recommended for routine cleaning of lightly soiled surfaces such as windows or ceramic tile walls that are cleaned frequently. Average Discharge Solution is recommended for most jobs on hard, non-porous surfaces. Maximum Discharge Solution is recommended for oily conditions such as the dirt on exhaust fans, filters and ducts and for soft or porous surfaces such as tarps or rough concrete,

Special Applications

If surface is so dirty that too much time is required to clean by normal methods, mix a solution of about ½ pound Powerterj per gallon hot water, pre-spray with this solution, let soak about 5 minutes, then pressure wash or steam clean.

If dirt is unusually resistant such as some asphalts, resins and lubricants, it is more efficient to pre-spray with a solvent-degreaser, let soak, then pressure wash or steam clean with Powerterj. Suitable solvent-degreasers are in Section 6: Cardisolv #CKE, #RTU, and #RSE.

Powerterj is an efficient detergent for drive-thru car washes with power brushes, but it is recommended only for private washing operations. It does not foam enough for use in public car washes where high foam is expected by customers; for public car washes, Crystal is recommended.

For power-brush washing, recommended dilutions of Powerterj are:
in recirculation system - 1:256 water (1/2 oz per gal = 1# per 32 gal).
In fresh water system - 1:512 water (1/4 oz per gal = 1# per 64 gal).

To assure correct usage, user should determine the operating characteristics of his machine and should know the following terms:

Feed Solution: The mixture of Powerterj and water supplied to the machine.
Discharge Solution: Actual cleaning solution; mixture of Feed Solution and more water.

Most pressure washers and steam cleaners draw Feed Solution from a solution tank and automatically dilute the Feed Solution with more water before discharge. Machines vary, but a common dilution ratio is 1:9 water,

For any desired Discharge Solution, determine the dilution ratio of the machine and mix the Feed Solution proportionately more concentrated. Example…

if a 1:100 (1.3 oz per gallon) Discharge Solution is desired and if the dilution ratio of the machine is 1:9 water, which means that the machine mixes each gallon of Feed Solution with 9 gallons water to provide 10 gallons Discharge Solution, then the Feed Solution must be 10 times the desired Discharge Solution, or 10 x 1.3 oz per gallon = 13 oz per gallon of water. So for 1 gallon Feed Solution: USE 13 oz POWERTERJ AND ONE GALLON WATER.

To keep Powerterj in solution at 13 oz per gallon, Feed Solution must be made with hot water and kept hot, about 140F.

The maximum possible concentration of Powerterj in the Discharge Solution depends on the temperature of the Feed Solution and the dilution ratio of the machine. To secure highly-concentrated Discharge Solutions, it may be necessary to reduce the dilution ratio of the machine. Approximate solubility limits of Powerterj are:

at 200F
18 oz per gallon
at 140F
14 oz per gallon
at 60F
10 oz per gallon


White, free-flowing powder. Mild, pleasant odor. Biodegradable. Moderate foam - foams enough to show the area cleaned. Rinses fast. Dissolves readily in water, solubility increases with temperature. Solutions are cloudy at temperatures over 100F, clear below 100F.

Use Precautions

Alkaline powder. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. In case of contact, flush with water; for eyes get medical attention. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.