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All Purpose Liquid Detergent

An efficient and safe cleaner for all washable surfaces. Nearly all building maintenance work and many other cleaning jobs can be done with this versatile detergent. It is very mild on the skin for a detergent that can perform the difficult cleaning jobs regularly done with Lustreen.

More concentrated than many similar products--performance tests indicate that one gallon of Lustreen is equivalent to two gallons of some widely sold detergents.

In all applications, soil pickup and rinsing are easy due to the moderate foaming properties of Lustreen; it is commonly used in autoscrubbers with no foam problem. It restores and intensifies colors and eliminates odors through the action of an organic odor counteractant. Thick enough to cling to vertical surfaces; for certain greasy surfaces, Lustreen can be applied full strength with a paint brush.

Active Components & Performance Properties

Contains buffered alkalies, organic chelating and sequestering agents, color intensifier, odor counteractant, odorant, and a synergistic blend of anionic and nonionic wetting agents, penetrants, and emulsifiers. Contains no phosphates.

Lustreen is noticeably thick; at normal inside temperatures, viscosity is such that:

  • it flows through a 3/4” drum faucet at a reasonable rate,
  • it dissolves quickly in water, hot or cold,
  • it clings to vertical surfaces when applied full strength with a paint brush,
  • about 2 oz/gallon can be fed into an automatic feed system through a venturi-injector or similar suction device.

At recommended use dilutions, Lustreen provides:

  • quick wetting, dispersion and emulsification of oily dirt,
  • free rinsing, due to low surface tension and effective water softening,
  • moderate foam at all temperatures,
  • pleasant citrus scent.

Recommended Use Dilutions

Dilute in water to suit the job. Quantitiy required depends on the quantity and type of dirt, porosity of the surface, soak time allowed, cleaning method and temperature. Hot solutions are better for oily dirt because heat makes oils less viscous and hence easier to disperse in water. Trial will indicate the most efficient dilution for a specific job.

    Use On All Floors: Asphalt, vinyl, rubber, linoleum, terrazzo, magnesite, slate, travertine, marble, concrete, quarry tile, ceramic, brick, stone, “poured” solvent-resin matrix floors, and sealed wood, cork, parquet, wood block.

    Routine Floor Cleaning: Use 1 to 4 ounces per gallon to remove dirt without removing wax or finish. Use any method: mop, floor machine, sprayer, autoscrubber.

   Wax Removal: Including removal of detergent-resistant, metal-interlocked finishes: Per gallon of hot water, use 6 to 12 ounces Lustreen and 4 to 8 ounces household ammonia. Apply freely, let stand 5 to 10 minutes, scrub with a stripping pad, pick up and rinse.

Other Applications & Suggested Ounces per Gallon

Painted Surfaces 4 oz Plastic 1 ozCarpets 4 oz
Glass 1/2 ozVinyl 1 ozUpholstery 1 oz
Light Fixtures 2 ozStainless Steel 1 ozWood Siding 4 oz
Furniture 1 ozChrome 1 ozAlum Siding 2 oz
Formica 1 ozAluminum 1 ozCar Washing 1 oz
Leather 2 ozEnamelled Steel 1 ozTruck Washing 3 oz
Wash BowlsStraight, w/nylon pad.Laundry Pre-Soak4 oz, let stand.
Bath Tubs Straight, w/nylon padOily Mops & Rags 32 oz, pre soak.
Toilet Bowls Straight, w/nylon pad.Grease From Hands Straight, brush.
Engines Straight, paint on.Paint From Hands Straight, brush.
White Walls 32 oz, use brass brush.Paint Brushes Straight, soak.

Properties & DOT Class - Solution Properties - Precautions

Color & State aqua liquidViscosity 320 cp
Odor citrusFreeze-Thaw Recovery complete
Specific Gravity 1.02Stability biodegradable
pH, as is/1% sol 12.3/8.8Fire Hazard noncombustible
Freeze Point 30F/-1CSolubility In Water miscible
DOT-Hazard label noneSolubility In Hydrocarbons negligible

Solution Properties*
Lustreen per Gallon Solution
pH........................................................... 3
Hardness, grains per gallon....................210008
Surface Tension, dynes per cm...............282828282872
Wet Time @60F, seconds........................753229000

*Test Water............. pH 7.3. Hardness 8 grains/gal=137 ppm; as calcium carbonate.
*Wet Time............... Time to sink 2cm-OD ball rolled from 4x10cm strip of Kraft towel.

Experience indicates no harm to normal skin under normal use conditions. Avoid contact with eyes; for contact, rinse at once with water. Do not take internally. Keep out of the reach of children.