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Cardinal Chemical Corporation
Manufacturing Chemists

719 Bush Street; Toledo, OH 43604
1-800-876-SOAP(7627) ;


Parts Detergents, Rust Inhibitors, Rust & Scale Removers-Metal Brighteners, Paint and Carbon Removers

Bulk Transport Tank and Tote Tank Cleaners

Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing Compounds

Ink and Coatings Cleaners

Car and Truck Wash Products

Janitorial Products

Laundry Products

Miscellaneous Chemical Products

Stripper & Pre-Solv
No Methylene Chloride – No Ammonia – No Methanol

Non-flammable recirculation spray or cold dip stripper. Use to remove resins, latexes, asphalt, paints, varnishes, and intermediates for plastics. Will remove some materials that caustic detergents alone won’t touch.

Most effective at ambient temperatures. Use full strength for best results. May be diluted for some applications. Soak time varies for different substances. Normally 5 minutes will be required, but seldom more than 30 minutes.

With reasonable precautions Cardisolv #9146 is one of the safest products of its kind. Cardisolv #9146 is non-carcinogenic, nonpoisonous, nonflammable, non-DOT hazardous and 100% biodegradable.

The Cardisolv #9146 formula is a trade secret. It is manufactured by Cardinal Chemical Corporation for Cardinal customers only and is not sold under any other name.